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IFFA 2013: New and proven from NOCK

The every three years reocurring IFFA exhibition is the leading international and undisputed “No. 1” trade fair for processing, packaging and sales in the meat industry.  Nowhere else will you find such an immense overview of machines and systems for every process stage.

Visit NOCK in hall 8.0, booth no. E 48 and inform yourself about our extensive product range of new, further developed and proven machines as well solutions for derinding and cutting.


CB 604

The conveyorized derinding machine NOCK Cortex CB 604 with a 600 mm cutting width, 29 m/min cutting speed, with its “open on all four sides” under frame allowing skin removal from the side, will also be on display.  The new blade holder technology NOCK ACTIVE SKIN GRIPPER® shows impressive advantages: flawless first cut and perfect derinding also with extreme thin derinding; noticeable yield increase and top grade rind quality, longer durability of the pressure rollers and sparing of the blade due to less contact to the rind.

V 5744
Seitenansicht Entvliesmaschine

The high performance membrane skinner Vliesex NOCK V 5744 TURBO is a signifier to the achievable yield and offers with the ultra flat working table advantages such as an all side barrier free feeding and removing of the product, as well as membrane skinning large pork or beef pieces.

The new trapeze shaped housing of all NOCK membrane skinners guarantees maximum stability when transporting the machine over uneven surfaces.


Doner meat spit producers or gyros meat producers find in NOCK affordable top technology to rationalize their operation plants:  the doner cutting machine Cortex CB 503 KEBAB with the Integrated NOCK Product Return System® does without a second operator and saves a lot of space.  The blade holder is optimized to gently cut thin meat slices and is steplessly adjustable from 0.5 – 8 mm. 



The circular blade cutting machines  with 300 - 600 mm operational width and different blade diameters slice boneless meat, e.g. pork, beef, veal, poultry, fish and lots of other products very gently into slices or strips. Enormous throughputs can be achieved with the18m/min continuous conveyor speed.  Systems made up of two machines set at a 90° angle gently and economically cut industrial amounts of cubes with an excellent cut-quality.  The new NOCK QUATTRO SLICER with 4 mounted blade shafts allows the blade distance to be changed within seconds

TFE 350
QS 888

NOCKs wide range of fish skinning machines is broadened by the new Freeze Drum Skinner TFE 350 with freeze drum technology. This machine provides numerous advantages in the world wide increasing processing of defrosted, very soft fish fillets and can achieve when thin skinning a 2 -  5 % higher yield.


The NOCK SEPARATOR SP 254/1 is for example applied in slaughter houses to separate gut contents, in the meat industry to process waste water, in bio gas plants to separate bio gas substrate and in the food industry for several separating processes.  


The poultry skinning machine CB 496 POULTRY which operates without water, the scale ice maker NOCK ECONOMY SE 1500 with stationary condensing cylinder without wear prone sealings and without a hygienic critical water bath complete the exhibited cross section of the current NOCK machine range.


We look forward to your visit!


NOCK Maschinenbau GmbH

Friesenheim, 06.02 2013 





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