NOCK Cleaning Trolley / Storage Trolley


We are pleased to present a „newcomer“ in our programme which will make the daily cleaning of your NOCK conveyorized machine easier:

Our new CLEANING TROLLEY / STORAGE TROLLEY –  can store all parts which can be removed from the machine for cleaning purposes and therefore enable simple, quick cleaning, subsequent drying and also storage of these parts.

Both conveyor belt frames (even a third, upon request) can be accommodated, the individual belts, blade holder and pressure roller can be stored separately.

No cumbersome contemplating, „where should I place the parts best so that they do not get damaged and still get really clean?“ – with our cleaning trolley / storage trolley you are on the safe side!

The trolley is equipped with four wheels, like the machine itself, so that it can easily be moved to wherever it is needed.

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