In hall 6.1, booth no. E80/F81 NOCK will show novelties and advancements but also well-proven machinery from their broad programme of cutting machines, derinders, membrane skinners, poultry skinners and scale ice makers.

Cutting solutions:


The NOCK CB 435/4E HVC HORIZONTAL-VERTICAL-CUTTER offers two cutting directions: one circular blade cutting unit for vertical cuts plus one preceding cutting unit for one horizontal cut. Treating the product very gently makes this compact machine especially interesting for cutting i. e. strips or thin escalopes out of chicken breast. With the new, optionally available separation conveyor, the upper slice can be, if required separately discharged from the machine. Meanwhile the lower slice is transported to the circular blade cutting unit to be cut it into strips.


shows as an example the model Cortex CB 495/7KK SLICER 200, which can be well integrated into processing lines given its working width of 600 mm. Thanks to the continuous belt speed of 18 m/min these machines are impeccably economical and strong in throughput when it comes to cutting strips or slices from poultry, pork, beef, venison, offal, fish and many more products.

NOCK Cortex CB 703 KEBAB

With the new 700 mm-wide doner cutting machine NOCK Cortex CB 703 KEBAB very big meat pieces can be cut into high-quality slices for the doner production. The machine disposes of the well-known NOCK Integrated Product Return System® so that one single operator can feed the machine without interruption.

Derinding and membrane skinning:

NOCK Vliesex V5744 TURBO

Highest possible security when working with open top machines offers the further developed NOCK IMMEDIATE CUT-OUT® (ICO) safety system.

This system is going to be demonstrated on the NOCK booth in the membrane skinner NOCK Vliesex V5744 TURBO with a split transport roller (option; 1/3 coarse for removing tendon, 2/3 fine for removing membrane).

NOCK Cortex C660

The visitor can get to know the typical characteristics and advantages of conveyorized NOCK derinders when inspecting the compact industrial machine NOCK Cortex CB 503 with 500 mm cutting width. Inside the casing it is equipped with the typical NOCK POWER PLATES®, which give all NOCK derinders, skinners and cutting machines, their particular robustness, service-friendliness and durability.

The NOCK Cortex C660 is an open top derinder with exchangeable working tables for derinding bacon, shoulder and loins with bones and of course as well available with the optional NOCK ICO® safety system.

Poultry skinning:


The exhibited poultry skinner NOCK Cortex CBP 695 POULTRY skins complete chicken legs, drumsticks and thighs as well as chicken breast (with optional pressure balloon).

Production of scale ice:

scale ice maker

Into the new scale ice maker range NRE NOCK has brought in our long-time experience in the field of rotating evaporators gained through the construction of freeze-drum skinners. The NRE ice machines are designed for the habitual easy daily foam-cleaning, known from other meat processing machines. No parts need to be removed for this cleaning. The aggregates work with the alternative refrigerant R449A. NOCK is going to exhibit the model NRE 800, offering a daily performance of 800 kg.

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