Fast return of investment

The INTEGRATED NOCK PRODUCT RETURN SYSTEM® is an optional equipment for the NOCK Doner and Gyros cutting machines. It makes the production of Doner and Gyros meat slices faster and more economical.
NOCK Integrated Product Return System®
The operator places the meat on the infeed conveyor. The meat moves through the machine and the first slice is cut. The remaining piece comes automatically back and lands on top of the small surface above the infeed conveyor. The returned piece can then be applied to the infeed conveyor again. This process can be repeated until there is no remaining piece to be cut. Generally it is possible to process up to four pieces simultaneously.
CB 495 GYROS with Product Return System®
The laborious retrieving of the remaining meat pieces from the back of the machine is not necessary. The advantages:
  • There is no second operator required to retrieve the remaining pieces = saves costs
  • The operator must not interrupt the processing to retrieve the remaining pieces = large production amounts per hour
  • The operators back will be saved (no need to bend down)
  • Small space required as there is no need for a separate output return conveyor
  • Quickly and easily cleaned
  • Good value! Fast return of investment!
The INTEGRATED NOCK PRODUCT RETURN SYSTEM® is also available for the NOCK conveyorized derinding machines. This permits to place these machines against a wall when processing.
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