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Combination machine CBV 436 COMBI-NOCK

Cortex CBV 460

Automatic combination machine for derinding and membrane skinning with height-adjustable pressure roller and special suitability for open top operation

Features and application range

cutting width:

430 mm

cutting speed:

17 / 31 m/min


    Combination machine for derinding and skinning with medium length infeed conveyor for automatic processing and exchangeable infeed table for „manual” work in open top operation.
    Low side walls for optimal working in open top operation.
    • Automatic derinding of flat and high pieces
    • Derinding of large round pieces in open top (manual) operation
    • Membrane skinning / skinning from pork, beef, veal, lamb, game, turkey and poultry with open top operation

    Standard equipment

    • transport roller without circumferential grooves = blade roller
    • two-speed motor
    • dynamic stainless steel cleaning roller and NOCK Air-Jet compressed air cleaning system keep the transport roller constantly clean during operation
    • blade gap infinitely adjustable
    • blade holder suspension spring loaded for perfect skinning results
    • spring suspended pressure roller, 3-stage variability in height
    • infeed conveyor and pressure roller for automatic derinding, can be removed without tools
    • exchangeable infeed table and foot switch bar to skin with open top (machine can be effortlessly converted)
    • discharge slide sheet
    • safety cover on the machine infeed
    • access protection at the rear for improved safety during work
    • NOCK POWER PLATES® for particular robustness and service-friendliness
    • centring plate positions the stacking container (E1, E2), can be removed without tools
    • lockable castors
    • stainless steel
    • stainless steel bearings


    • NEW: discharge conveyor with safety cover for increased safety at work
    • plastic modular belts
    • inflated pressure balloon
    • Cleaning trolley for storage and cleaning of dismountable parts: conveyors, belts, pressure roller and blade holder

    Technical data

    Cortex CBV 460

    cutting width

    430 mm

    cutting speed

    17 m/min (derinding)
    31 m/min (membrane skinning)

    max. throughput height

    90 mm

    blade gap

    0 - 4.5 mm (derinding)
    0 - 0.5 mm (membrane skinning)

    apply length on infeed conveyor

    300 mm

    infeed conveyor (1)

    850 x 425 mm

    discharge conveyor (1)

    850 x 360 mm

    overall measures W x H x D (without/with discharge conveyor)

    800 x 2025 x 1250 / 1820 mm

    weight (without/with discharge conveyor)

    218 / 230 kg

    motor performance

    0.55 / 0.88 kW

    electrical connection

    3 L- PE - 400 V - 50 Hz
    IEC 60309 16 A 6h (plug)
    other voltages upon request

    compressed air

    5 < p <10 bar
    plug coupling DN 7.2 (G1/4 external)

    compressed air requirement

    ca. 250 l/min (ambient pressure)

    (1) external dimension of the conveyor frame

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