Six keen arguments for the NOCK derinding machines

1. Perfect derinding results

Produkt und Schwarte

The NOCK derinding machines persuade with perfect derinding results.

  • They work with an elaborated geometry of tooth roller, blade holder, pressure unit and infeed conveyor.
  • The suspension of the blade holder is spring suspended, so that the blade holder has an optimal adaption to the corresponding thickness of the rind.
  • The pressure roller is spring suspended and on many models additionally continuously variable in height.
Spring suspension of pressure roller
Spring suspension of pressure roller
Spring suspension of blade holder
Spring suspension of blade holder

All pieces, for example belly, backfat, rind cut to size, partial cuts, loin, ham etc. can be perfectly derinded. Also fresh slaughtered meat can be smoothly processed. Of course, also bacon slabs can be sliced.

NOCK ACTIVE SKIN GRIPPER® ASG for higher yield, best quality of the rind and protection of the pressure wheels with perfect first cut (optionally for all automatic derinding machines with conveyors).

Convenient: The blade adjustment will not be changed when removing and replacing the blade holder; the optimum adjustment remains constant

2. Solid. Sturdy. Durable: The NOCK POWER PLATES®


The mechanically highly strained machine components such as drive, transport roller, blade holder and pressure unit are mounted in solid, 15 mm thick base plates, the NOCK POWER PLATES® , which are located in the machine casing.

This construction of the NOCK derinding machines, which has been approved since 1990, has the following significant advantages:

  • Long lasting precision
    The NOCK POWER PLATES® guarantee an excellent bearing alignment and precise positioning of the machine components.
  • No material fatigue
    With a 15 mm thickness the NOCK POWER PLATES® are resistant to material fatigue. They make the NOCK derinding machines particularly sturdy and durable.
  • Service friendliness
    All components are very easily accessible once the side covers are opened.
  • Hygienic and easy to clean machine surfaces
    Due to the positioning of the machine components on the NOCK POWER PLATES® the stainless steel casing can be designed with large smooth surfaces.

3. The NOCK EASY-FLOW® safety cover

The covers of the NOCK conveyorized derinding machines are constructed tunnel-like:

Interference-free product flow due to tunnel-like protection against lateral machine components
Interference-free product flow due to tunnel-like protection against lateral machine components

All machine parts which could obstruct the flow of the product, for example the mountings and handles of the blade holder, the mountings of the pressure unit and of the conveyors, are located outside the tunnel-like safety cover. The advantages:

  • reliable product flow („easy flow“) = higher processing safety 
  • hardly any accumulation of residues on the mountings during processing
    = better processing hygiene and faster cleaning of the machine

A safety switch stops the machine, once the cover is opened. A safety bolt hinders reliably that the opened safety cover does accidentally fall closed. The NOCK EASY-FLOW® safety cover complies to the European safety standard EN 12355 and accounts for the high occupational safety of the NOCK derinding machines.

4. Quick cleaning and optimal hygiene

Quick and easy to clean: NOCK derinding machine after removing conveyors, pressure roller and blade holder. Scraper comb tilted back.
Quick and easy to clean: NOCK derinding machine after removing conveyors, pressure roller and blade holder. Scraper comb tilted back.
  • The NOCK derinding machines have not only a modern, but also a hygienic design, which of course complies with the latest hygienic standards.
  • Casing, conveyor frames, transport roller, blade holder, etc are made of high quality stainless steel. The conveyors and pressure wheels are made of approved food safe plastics.
  • Due to the use of the POWER PLATES® it is possible that NOCK can construct the casings of the derinding machines with large, smooth surfaces. These are particularly hygienic and easy to clean.
  • The NOCK EASY-FLOW®-safety cover prevents the build-up of product surpluses on the mountings of the blade holder, conveyors and pressure unit during processing.
  • All NOCK derinding machines, besides the table model Cortex C 420, are equipped with lockable castors. This eases transportation to the cleaning area.
Demounted parts
Demounted parts
  • Conveyors, pressure roller, blade holder, infeed and output tables can be removed and replaced for cleaning purposes within seconds, without any tools. Therefore soiled parts are easily accessible. The scraper comb can be tilted downwards, the transport roller can be turned by hand. The conveyor frame can be folded back so that the inside of the belt can be cleaned. The conveyor belts can also be easily removed from their frames for thorough cleaning.
  • The machines can be optionally equipped with plastic modular belts

5. Top uncompromising quality engineering – Made in Germany

This begins with the quality orientated concept and construction of the NOCK derinding machines and contains the production of all central components at the company-own ultra-modern machine park, the exclusive use of premium base materials and acquired parts, the cooperation with established suppliers, the diligent assembling and final inspection of the machines at NOCK.

6. Fair prices

Thanks to modular construction, modern production methods and strict cost management, NOCK is in a position to offer German first class workmanship to very interesting prices.

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