Six keen arguments for the NOCK membrane skinning machines

1. Hightest attainable yield

As with every processing procedure, the enhancement of the product when membraning must exceed the emerging costs. When the membrane is removed from a product, the highest possible yield, that means a minimum loss of expensive meat, is crucial.

Spring suspension of blade holder
Spring suspension of blade holder
Transport roller
Transport roller

The NOCK membrane skinning machines are highly developed, robust, high precision machines with a yield which is not gradable with technical means:

  • The transport roller (blade roller without grooves) is made of high quality, low-wear stainless steel.
  • The blade holder is a robust precision component. The models Vliesex V 4744 and V 5744 TURBO are equipped with a reinforced version.
  • The blade holder is spring suspended, so that it adapts automatically to the thickness of the membrane.
  • An optional fine adjustment is available for products with a thick membrane (e.g. beef, lamb).
  • The blade holder, transport roller and cleaning roller are mounted in the 15 mm thick NOCK POWER PLATES®. These plates can be much more exactly manufactured as in comparison to the conventional mountings of the components in the machine casing.
  • The blade position can not be manipulated by the operator once it is set in an optimized horizontally position.
V460N with 2 products
V460N with 2 products

The result: The NOCK membrane skinning machines remove only the bare membrane. More yield = less cuts cannot be attained. Of course, when membrane free meat comes into contact with the blade, meat will then be removed instead of any membrane. It depends on the operator and the cut of the meat before membraning.

Original NOCK TOP H blade
Original NOCK TOP H blade

Tip: For membrane skinning an optimum adjustment of the blade geometry, blade holder and transport roller is essential. This is only guaranteed when processing with original NOCK TOP H blades. Other blades (even with nominal corresponding measurements) can cause clearly higher losses.

2. Quick and easy processing

NOCK Air Jet cleaning system: jet bar moved by an enclosed pneumatic cylinder
NOCK Air Jet cleaning system: jet bar moved by an enclosed pneumatic cylinder
NOCK Air Jet cleaning system: jet bar moved by an enclosed pneumatic cylinder

NOCK Air Jet cleaning system: jet bar moved by an enclosed pneumatic cylinder

A row of important construction features allow quick and easy processing and support the economic efficiency of the NOCK membrane skinning machines:

  • High / very high cutting speeds
  • The dynamic (counter rotating) cleaning rollerand the silent NOCK Air Jet cleaning system (compressed air cleaning) keep the transport roller constantly clean. Thereby reliable gripping and quick and easy processing are guaranteed. Automatic retraction to processing position when the machine is started.
  • Ergonomic favourable safety foot switch bar, adjustable in height
  • Boxes (for cut pieces) can be placed under the machine from the front or back (e.g. EURO stacking boxes)
  • Left side of the machine has no handles, so that the machine can be placed without any interspace directly beside the „preparing“ table or any other machine.

Additionally available for the models Vliesex V 4744 and V 5744 TURBO:

  • automatic (pneumatic) adjustment of blade holder when machine is started
  • no lateral handles for adjustment

Tip: Membrane skinning machines are not suitable to remove the fat from products, as fat does not have a firm structure. To speed up the membraning process it is recommendable to remove the fat when preparing the meat.

3. NOCK-typical robustness, reliability and service friendliness

NOCK POWER PLATE® in NOCK membrane skinning machine
NOCK POWER PLATE® in NOCK membrane skinning machine

The mechanically highly strained machine parts such as drive, transport roller and blade holder are mounted on the solid, 15 mm thick base plates, the NOCK POWER PLATES®. These plates are located in the machine casing.

This construction of the NOCK machine, which is approved since 1990, guarantees:

  • Permanent precision
    The NOCK POWER PLATES® guarantee an excellent bearing alignment and constant precise positioning of the machine parts. This is not attainable with the conventional mounting of these components directly onto the machine casing.
  • No material fatigue
    The NOCK POWER PLATES® are with their 15 mm thickness resistant to material fatigue. They make the NOCK membrane skinning machines enormously robust and durable and particularly suitable for several shift industrial continuous operation with intensive machine use.
  • Extraordinary service friendliness
    All parts are easily accessible when the side cover is removed.

Every service technician can easily understand the clear and low-service construction of the NOCK machines. A specialist is not required for servicing. Therefore the NOCK machines are highly appreciated and successfully sold all over the world.

An enclosed, reliable pneumatic cylinder is installed to move the oscillating jet bar in the NOCK Air Jet cleaning system.

4. Quick cleaning and optimum hygiene

Vliesex V460N prepared for cleaning
Vliesex V460N prepared for cleaning
  • The NOCK membrane skinning machines have not only a modern, but also hygienic design, which naturally comply to the latest hygiene regulations.
  • Due to the NOCK POWER PLATES® it is possible to construct the membrane skinning machines with large, smooth surfaces, which are particularly easy to clean.
  • The machine casing, blade holder, transport roller, cleaning roller, etc are made of high quality stainless steel.
  • All NOCK membrane skinning machines are equipped with lockable castors, and can be easily transported to the cleaning area.
  • The transport rollers and cleaning rollers can be turned by hand. This way the water spray can reach all sides.

Additional features on the models V 4744 and V 5744 TURBO:

  • blade holder remains in the machine during the cleaning procedure
  • blade holder with quick change system

Tip: All NOCK membrane skinning machines can be quickly and easily cleaned with water. The water temperature should not be higher than 55° C. The machines must be thoroughly rinsed after using disinfectants.

5. Top class German machine quality

This begins with the quality orientated concept and construction of the NOCK membrane skinning machines and contains the production of all central components at the company-own ultra-modern machine park, the exclusive use of premium base materials and acquired parts, the cooperation with established suppliers, the diligent assembling and final inspection of the machines at NOCK.

6. Fair prices

Thanks to modular construction, modern production methods and strict cost management NOCK is in a position to offer German first class workmanship to very interesting prices

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