Membrane skinning machines

The yield is crucial

Vliesex V 5744 TURBO

Vliesex V 5744 TURBO

Features and application range

  • cutting width: 500 mm
  • cutting speed: 44 m/min
  • high performance membrane skinner with large cutting width for industrial plants with intensive use and highest demands on performance and yield
  • very high cutting speed
  • to remove the membrane from pork, beef, veal, lamb, turkey, game, poultry
  • highly recommendable to process long pieces of pork and beef

Standard equipment

  • high precision transport roller without grooves and spring suspended heavy duty blade holder for extreme low loss of expensive meat
  • dynamic stainless steel cleaning roller and the NOCK Air Jet compressed air cleaning system keep the transport roller constantly clean during operation. Thereby reliable gripping, quick and easy processing and an excellent operational hygiene are guaranteed.
  • blade holder with captive screws
  • blade holder remains in the machine during cleaning
  • without lateral adjusting levers
  • NEW: Trapeze-shaped casing (for maximum stability)
  • adjustable pressure reducer
  • boxes can be placed under the machine from the front or back
  • ergonomic favourable safety foot switch bar, adjustable in height
  • 15 mm thick  NOCK POWER PLATES®  installed in the machine casing provide constant precision and service friendliness
  • safety switch for processing table
  • lockable castors
  • hygienic stainless steel construction with large, smooth surfaces for easy cleaning
Quick change system for blade
Quick change system for blade


transport roller with different toothing
transport roller with different toothing
Technical data Vliesex V 5744 TURBO
cutting width 500 mm
cutting speed 44 m/min
overall dimension W x H x D
815 x 970 x 700 mm
200 kg
motor performance
electrical connection

3 AC - 400 V - 50 Hz

IEC 60309 16 A 6h

other voltages upon request
compressed air connection
5 < p <10 bar

plug coupling DN 7.2 (G1/4 external)

compressed air requirement approx. 250 l/min (ambient pressure)
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