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The NOCK fish skinning machines provide 3 methods of skinning:

1. Thin skinning with sharp blade

Spring suspension of the blade holder
Spring suspension of the blade holder

When thin skinning (shallow skinning) with sharp blade, the blade gap is closed so much that nearly no meat of the fish remains on the skin. The blade gap can be adjusted infinitely and sensitively with the lever outside the machine, also during operation.

The spring suspension of the blade holder results in perfect adjustment to the various thick skins. This suspension is located in the machine casing out of the processing area.

Robust precision part: NOCK blade holder
Robust precision part: NOCK blade holder

Tip: Especially when thin skinning it is important that the geometry of the blade, the blade holder and the tooth roller are balanced best possible. This is guaranteed only with original NOCK TOP H blades. The use of other blades (despite nominal equal measurements) can clearly result in more loss, worse skinning results and shorter lifetime.

2. Deep skinning with sharp blade

When deep skinning with sharp blade, the blade holder can be opened so that it is possible to take off almost the whole layer of fat. The blade gap can be adjusted infinitely and sensitively with the thickness adjusting lever, also during operation.

So with some fish species it is possible to increase the quality of the fillets and the price to be gained like this, so that the higher loss of weight can be balanced above.

Deep skinning is only possible to a limited exent on open top fish skinning machines.

3. Pulling-off the skin with blund blade

When pulling-off, the skin is divided from the fillet with the blunt edge of the blade, so that the silver mirror stays on the fillet („silver skinning“). Here the blade is put into the blade holder with the blunt edge outside and the blade holder is completely closed („tight“). So, compared to the thin skinning with sharp blade, the yield can be further increased and the desired performance of the fillets with the silver mirror is achieved for some species of fish.
This method of skinning is not possible with the freeze drum skinning machines TFE

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