Functionality and advantages of the NOCK Freeze Drum Skinners TFE

1. Functionality of the NOCK Freeze Drum Skinners TFE and advantages compared to the „conventional“ fish skinning machines

Limits of conventional fish skinning machines

When skinning fish fillets with sufficient strength of skin and fish flesh, the conventional NOCK fish skinning machines are unbeatable quick and economically. In general, they are working with a transport roller and a blade holder with stationary blade, automatic conveyorized machines additionally with driven "pressure unit" (gripper) and conveyors. When skinning very soft and damageable - e.g. defrosted - fish or fish with very soft skin, this skinning technique has its limits. There can be problems with the passage of the fillets and the delicate fish flesh may be damaged.

However, such damageable fish can be skinned without any problems and gently with a NOCK Freeze Drum Skinner TFE.

Functionality of the NOCK Freeze Drum Skinners

The fillets are running with skin upwards on a conveyor equipped with round straps into the machine. The skin is sprayed with some water. Then skin of the fillet is smoothly pressed against the rotating freeze drum. The skin freezes immediately onto the surface of the freeze drum; but the fish flesh below the skin does not freeze. A plane band-blade running in axact adjustable distance along the freeze drum separates the fillet from the skin. The fillet leaves the machine on the conveyor straps. The skin will be scraped from the freeze drum and leaves the machine over a sloped metal sheet.

No matter how weak the fillet or the skin are: The NOCK Freeze Drum Skinners are perfectly skinning most gently and with a "clean" cut surface.

When thin skinning with the NOCK Freeze Drum Skinners TFE you receive substancial improvement of the yield compared to machines with conventional technique.

Not least the construction principle of the NOCK Freeze Drum Skinners TFE has a big tolerance to differences in structure and size of the fillets of several kinds of fish and therefore a particularly multi-purpose applicability.

2. Advantages compared to the know freeze drum skinners

NOCK brought their know-how from the manufacturing of high-capacity, reliable and service friendly skinning machines and from the manufacturing of scale ice makers to the manufacturing of the NOCK Freeze Drum Skinners TFE. The result are skinning machines of highest German machine construction quality which clearly better the standard of the well-known machines with freeze drum technology in important criterias:

  • The high precision guide of the band blade lead to a very exact cut and due to this a 2-5% higher yield and better cut surface of the fillets.
  • Better skinning results, only minimum trimming if any.
  • The energy-efficient freeze drum and the high quality refrigeration aggregate of the TFE result in a considerably lower energy consumption (just 5 or rather 8.2 kW) than known machines.
  • Lower water consumption (just approx. 200 l/h) due to economical water jets.
  • Easy cleaning and better hygiene thanks to stainless steel housing with large smooth surfaces and special operation mode for cleaning.
  • Simple and quick replacement of band blade
  • Mobile machine with lockable castors
  • High operational safety (e.g. 24 V control voltage)
  • High NOCK typical service friendliness and easy accessibility of the high quality machine components


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