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Application of the NOCK circular blade cutting machines Cortex CB SLICER

1. The cutting method

  • The NOCK Cortex CB SLICER operates with a blade shaft upon which circular blades are mounted.
  • The circular blades insert into the grooves of the counter roller (intersection roller). This guarantees a flawless cutting also of products with skin or sinews.
  • The cuts take place simultaneously, vertically and in the infeed direction.
  • The NOCK SLICERs are continuously fed by an infeed conveyor.

2. Application range

Application range

The NOCK circular blade cutting machines are the most economical solution, when large amounts of non frozen, boneless products need to be cut into slices or strips in a short space of time with a high cut quality.

The application range is vastly versatile. Examples:

  • escalopes or steaks from pork, beef, veal or poultry
  • thin slices from pork belly
  • diced meat
  • meat for Asian dishes
  • poultry
  • fish fillets or whole fish
  • offal (stomachs, lungs, paunchs etc.)
  • to pre cut meat for sausage production
Schweinenacken geschnitten
Schweinelachs geschnitten
ganzer Lachs geschnitten
Fisch geschnitten
  • The circular blade cutting principle guarantees a standardized thickness and even slices, as the product is not squashed into a chamber, contrary to its structure.
  • The NOCK SLICERs do not process a weight exactness of an individual slice but are often applied to efficiently process products with several slices for exact weight packages, e.g. steaks.
  • Diagonal cuts with 45 degrees or other angles can be achieved by placing the product accordingly upon the infeed conveyor.
  • Tip: To economically process Doner and Gyros meat slices, we recommend our special Doner and Gyros cutting machines!

3. Particularly gentle cut

    • The ciruclar blade cutting principle as well as the perfected cutting geometry and tested speed ratio between the blade shaft, transport roller and infeed conveyor cater for a gentle infeed and a clean, even and particularly smooth cut.
    •  The product will not be squashed or strained by oscillating blades. There is also no guillotine blade which strains the product.

Tip: It is possible to frost the product before cutting but not necessary for an excellent result.

4. Enormous capacity

The conveyors of the NOCK circular blade cutting machines continuously run at 18 m/min. The operator can feed 18 meters of a product per minute = more than 1 kilometer per hour.

Practical example for the Cortex CB 495/5K SLICER:
Pork steaks with an average apply length (lengthways) of 20 cm, applied with a 15 cm distance = 50 pieces per minute = 3,000 pieces per hour. An average weight of 2.5 kg per piece results in 7,500 kg per hour.

Bottlenecks during processing belong to the past with the NOCK circular blade cutting machines Cortex CB SLICER!

5. Cutting cubes

SLICER Würfelschneideanlage
Cubes, e.g. from poultry breast, can be processed in a second throughput or with a second machine standing at a right angle to the first machine. The transferring from the first onto the second machine takes place automatically. A second operator is not necessary.

6. Simple operation and exemplary working safety

SLICER Seitenansicht
  • The NOCK SLICERs are simply, quickly and safely fed by a continuous infeed conveyor. The machines do not need electronic programming and can be easily operated by non trained staff.
  • The operational safety is exemplary. Due to the long NOCK EASY-FLOW® safety covers, the NOCK SLICERs correspond to the European safety standard EN ISO 13857.
  • Both the operator and the nearby colleagues appreciate the silent and smooth running of the NOCK SLICERs.

7. Very simple and quick to clean

Cortex CB495/5K SLICER after removal pf the conveyors
Cortex CB495/5K SLICER after removal pf the conveyors
Cleaning wagon for 2 blade shafts
Cleaning wagon for 2 blade shafts
  • The machines are equipped with lockable castors and can be easily transported by one person to the cleaning area.
  • The conveyor frames can be removed in seconds without any tools. The conveyor frames can be folded back so that the belts can be removed.
  • The complete inside of the machine is then accessible from the front and back.
  • The large, smooth machine surfaces also benefit the cleaning.
  • The blade shaft can stay in the machine while cleaning or can be removed with the lift out device which is included in the delivery. The blade shaft can be also cleaned and safely deposited in the cleaning wagon (optionally available).

8. Robust, proven and service friendly

Power Plates Slicer
  • The NOCK circular blade cutting machines Cortex CB 495 SLICER are being constructed since 2001. They have proven themselves since then in the hard industrial processing appliance all over the world.
  • The clear construction, the highly dimensioned drive elements and the proven design with the 15 mm thick NOCK POWER PLATES® account for problem free performance. These POWER PLATES® cater for constant precision and the well known service friendliness of all NOCK machines.
  • As each blade has to perform less, the endurance of the blades is a multiple as those mounted on other cutting machines. Depending on the product approximately 500 - 1,000 tons can be cut before the blades need to be sharpened.

9. Uncompromising German machine quality

This begins with the quality orientated concept and construction of the NOCK circular blade cutting machines comprising of the manufacturing of all central components at the company-own ultra-modern machine park, exclusively using premium base materials and acquired parts, the collaboration with established suppliers, diligent assembling and the final inspection.

10. Fair prices

The NOCK circular blade cutting machines not only impress with their enormous throughput and even cut, but also through a very interesting price. Request a quotation from your NOCK distributor!

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