The NOCK NSH scale ice maker

The principle oft he NOCK NSH scale ice maker

1 rotating scraper with ice collector | 2 fresh water supply | 3 water distributor | 4 stationary freezing disc (evaporator) | 5 ice-shoot
1 rotating scraper with ice collector | 2 fresh water supply | 3 water distributor | 4 stationary freezing disc (evaporator) | 5 ice-shoot

The NOCK NSH scale ice makers differ essentially in construction compared with known rotating evaporators – and therefore avoid such problems as leakage of refrigerant and ice with germs.

The NOCK NSH scale ice makers have a horizontal, stationary freezing disc (evaporator). The water is directly brought onto the disc through a valve and a rotating water distributor from the fresh water supply and scraped off after the freezing process.

Unlike other constructions, in the NOCK NSH principle not the evaporator (freezing cylinder) is rotating, but the scraper. The refrigerant pipes are tightly soldered on the stationary NSH evaporator.

The NOCK scale ice making principle does not have a water storage tank (water bath). The fresh water leaves the machine within less than 1 minute completely as ice.

This principle has important benefits for the operator:

No water storage tank in which bacteria may arise

The non existence of a water storage tank has the following advantages:

  • no arising of bacteria in the storage tank
  • no mud in the storage tank
  • no regular cleaning of the storage tank necessary (which is often neglected)
  • no sanitization by UV light necessary
  • no problems with remaining water after disconnecting the machine

Your benefit:

  • excellent hygiene and high hygienic safety
  • strong reduction of cleaning activities
  • less operating interruptions
  • very low maintenance

The manifold solicited and expensive cleaning and disinfection methods with UV-light or hydrogen peroxide cannot solve the problem with the arising of mud in the water storage tank. Furthermore the disinfection of the fresh water is not the best solution. Besides, any problems with the fresh water supply in your company must basically be solved.

Perdurable tigh

Because in the NOCK scale ice makers the evaporator is stationary there are no mobile parts in the refrigerant circuit. Therefore no rotating sealings are necessary which are very prone to wearout and critical for leaks. In consequence there is no risk of leak of refrigerant due to rotating sealings.

The benefits:

  • the periodical refilling of refrigerant is not necessary
  • no expensive change of worn out rotating sealings
  • the ice cannot be contaminated by unhealthy refrigerant oil leaking from untight rotating sealings
  • very high operating reliability


NOCK NSH scale ice makers are manufactured since 1996 and are sold in many countries worldwide. Declared: Compared to „conventional“ rotating evaporators the purchase price is a little higher, but this will amortize after purchase due to lower follow-up costs.

To permanently avoid problems with hygiene and tightness of refrigerant circuit when making scale ice, you should decide to buy a NOCK NSH scale ice maker.

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