Scale ice from NOCK ice makers

Characteristics and benefits of the NOCK scale ice

Scale ice from NOCK ice makers
  • dry, through and through frozen, thin scales of ice, with bright attractive appearance
  • temperature approx. minus 8°C and thickness approx. 2 mm for excellent cooling and storage characteristics of the ice
  • by the big surface of the ice scales a very quick cooling action is achieved. This facilitates very much the control of the termperature during the working process
  • NOCK scale ice accomplishes highest hygiene requirements.
  • NOCK scale ice is floaty, easy to shovel and to distribute; if well insulated pourable for a long time
  • quick and equally apportion of the ice in mixing equipment and cutters
  • gentle to quick rotating blades of cutters
  • constant ice quality

Huge spectrum of use

Huge spectrum of use

The high and quick cooling action, the attractive appearance and the high hygienic security make the NOCK scale ice a premium product in huge operational fields, some of them mentioned below:

  • sausage producing industry: cooling during production of sausages
  • fish processing, transportation and trade: cooling during transport, storage and sales
  • gastronomy and catering: cooling and presentation of buffets and beverage; fresh-keeping and storage of fresh meat
  • delicacies and fish shops: cooling and presentation of fish and delicacies
  • supermarkets and retail shops: fresh-keeping and presentation of fresh fish and delicacies
  • bakery: cooling of pastry
  • laboratories, chemical and pharmaceutical industry: cooling, control of temperature during the working process
  • hospitals, medical offices, wellness industry: cooling during therapeutical procedures

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