NRE 2500

NRE 2800 automatic scale ice maker

Automatic scale ice maker with a daily performance of approx. 2800 kg scale ice in 24 hours

Features and application range

ice temperature:

approx. minus 8°C

thickness of scales:

approx. 2 mm

  • machine complete with evaporator and refrigeration aggregate
  • horizontal rotating evaporator
  • constructive separation of aggregate from evaporator and tank
  • fixed stainless steel water tank with considerable distance from evaporating cylinder and large drain hole
  • thus very easy daily cleaning and disinfection with high pressure and foam as with other food processing machines, without demounting the stainless-steel water tank
  • the drive, electrical system and piping are accomodated in the housing separated from the ice production
  • the air flow of the unit is not on the ice discharge side
  • stainless-steel casing

scale ice maker with a daily performance of approx. 2800 kg scale ice in 24 hours

Standard equipment

  • complete machine with integrated, air-cooled refrigeration aggregate (Bitzer)
  • NEW: refrigerant R449A with low global warming potential and high energy efficiency
  • stainless-steel casing


  • version without aggregate (type NRE / SK)

Technical data

NRE 2800

ice output

approx. 2.800 kg scale ice / 24 hours
(at + 25°C ambient temperature and +15°C water temperature)





permitted ambient temperature

+6°C < t < +38°C

dimension W x H x D (without optional underframe)

1810 x 1840 x 1110 mm


650 kg

water connection

¾“ external thread; min. 0,5 bar

electric connection

3 AC - 400 V - 50 Hz
other voltages upon request

electrical performance

10.0 kW

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