The NOCK EASY-FLOW®-safety cover

Reliable product passage

The covers of the NOCK conveyor derinding machines have a tunnel-like construction
The NOCK EASY-FLOW®-Safety Cover
Throughput products shielded, tunnel-like against lateral machine components
All machine parts, which could hinder the product passage, e.g. suspensions, blade holder handles, pressure unit suspension and transport belts are positioned outside the tunnel like safety cover. The advantages:
  • reliable product passage („easy flow“)
    = high operational safety
  • barely any product accumulation during processing = better processing hygiene and quicker cleaning
The NOCK EASY-FLOW® safety covers comply with the European safety regulations EN 12355 and contribute significantly to the high operational safety of the NOCK conveyor machines. A safety switch stops the machine, once the cover is opened. A safety bolt hinders reliably that the opened safety cover does accidentally fall closed.
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