Skinex SBS 416

Skinex SBS 416

Automatic skinning machine with S-technology for plaice fillets and other flatfish

For cleaning the machine components can be disassembled fast and easily (without tools)

Features and application range

cutting width:

230 mm

conveyor speed:

28 m/min

  • high capacity (28 m/min conveyor speed) 
  • skins both upper and lower fillets
  • very simple demounting of infeed conveyor, pressure unit and blade holder to quickly and easily clean the machine
  • automatic skinning machine with S technology for plaice fillets and other flatfish
  • removes simultaneously or selectively the frills (fin fringes) (from both sides, from only one side, or from neither side)

Standard equipment

  • infeed conveyor
  • skinning unit with very quick changeable blade, transport roller (AISI 316L) without peripheral grooves and dynamic stainless steel cleaning roller (S technology)
  • high blade durability
  • 2 trimming rollers to remove the frills (fin fringes) (individual deactivation via cover plates)
  • integrated water cleaning unit for reliable continuous operation
  • blade gap infinitely adjustable
  • spring suspended blade holder for perfect skinning results
  • special pressure unit for reliable skinning and ideal product protection
  • NOCK POWER PLATES® for a particularly easy to clean machine construction, outstanding robustness and service friendliness
  • NOCK EASY-FLOW® safety cover
  • lockable steering castors
  • stainless steel
  • stainless steel bearings


  • all operating levers on the right or left side of the machine
  • NUEVO: carro de limpieza para depositar y limpiar piezas desmontadas, como p. ej.: marcos de cintas transportadoras, cintas, rodillo de presión y porta-cuchilla

Technical data

Skinex SBS 416

cutting width

230 mm

speed of infeed conveyor

28 m/min

maximum throughput heigth

20 mm

blade gap

0 - 0.5 mm infinitely adjustable

apply length on infeed conveyor

550 mm

dimension W x H x D

750 x 1060 x 1420 mm


280 kg

motor performance

1.5 kW

electrical connection

3 AC - 400 V - 50 Hz
IEC 60309 16 A 6h
other voltages upon request

water connection

G 1/2 internal thread

water consumption

500 l/h

compressed air

not required

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