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During the ANUGA FOOD TEC,  24. – 27.03.2015 in Cologne, Germany, we will exhibit in hall 6, booth no. E80/F81 innovations, further developments as well as existing machines from our wide production range of cutting machines, derinders, membrane skinners, skinning machines and scale ice makers.


The brand new NOCK CB 435/4E HVC HORIZONTAL-VERTICAL-CUTTER offers two cutting channels.  The machine is based on a circular blade cutting module for vertical slices as well as a pre-connected horizontal cutting module for a horizontal slice.  This machine is as all NOCK slicers fed via a continuous infeed conveyor.


The circular blade slicing machine NOCK Cortex CB 495/7KK SLICER 200 with a 600 mm operational width slices boneless meat, such as pork, beef, veal, chicken breast and several other products gently into slices or strips with calibrated thicknesses. The machines have a 18m/min continuous belt speed and an enormous throughput.


Doner meat producers will discover the NOCK Cortex CB 503 KEBAB, the Bestseller when economically processing doner meat slices with the unique Integrated NOCK Product Return System®.

C560 DBD



The NOCK IMMEDIATE CUT-OUT® (ICO) safety system ensures highest operational safety when working with an open top machine.  This will be demonstrated on the new double blade derinder NOCK Cortex C560 DBD and on the membrane skinner Vliesex V5744 TURBO with a divided transport roller (1/3 coarse to remove sinews; 2/3 fine for membrane skinning)   


The conveyorized derinding machine NOCK Cortex 604 with a 600 mm cutting width and the innovative blade holder technology, NOCK ACTIVE SKIN GRIPPER® will represent the comprehensive range of automatic NOCK derinding machines with cutting widths varying from 430 to 700 mm.


NOCK’s scale ice machine NOCK ECONOMY SE 1500 with a daily performance of 1500 kg displays that scale ice can be economically and hygienically produced with a stationary freezing cylinder without rotating sealings and without a water tank which requires intensive cleaning.


The NOCK Freeze Drum Skinner TFE 350A with freeze drum technology is not only the ideal solution to gently skin soft (e.g. defrosted) fish fillets but also to defat salmon fillets. The meat industry can profit from new processing applications with this machine.


We look forward to your visit.



NOCK Maschinenbau GmbH


Friesenheim, 20.01.2015


TFE350 A



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