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NOCK Maschinenbau GmbH
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77948 Friesenheim / Baden

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Listed with the trade register of Freiburg im Breisgau
Register-No. HRB 39 1124
VAT ID no.: DE 811472904


J. Nock Dipl.-Betriebswirt


All information and explanations in this website are noncommittal. The NOCK Maschinenbau GmbH does not take over the responsibility for the correctness and completeness of the content. No warranty is taken over and no insurance for product features is given. No legal claims may result from the contents of the website. Errors in content are corrected immediately upon knowledge of it. Due to time-delayed updating the content of the webpages cannot be permanently up to date. Please contact us for the status, technical details and availability of our products and services. Links to other websites are not permanently controlled. Therefore we do not take over any liability in any way for the content of linked webpages.

Downloads of data and software

The NOCK Maschinenbau GmbH does not warrant that the data and software downloaded from this website will be free of errors. The software is checked as regards to viruses. Nevertheless we recommend to check the data and software after the download as regards to viruses with the actual virus search software.

Copyrights and other special industrial property rights

The content of the website is copyrighted. It is allowed to have one copy of the information of the webpages recorded on one single computer for the non-commercial and personal in-house use. Graphics, texts, logos, photos etc. may only be duplicated, copied, changed, published, sent, carried forward or used in any other form only after written approval by the NOCK Maschinenbau GmbH. The stated names of products or companies may be trademarks or brands. The unauthorized use may result in indemnity claims or injunction relief.

Safety of personal data and privacy

It is not guaranteed that information or personal data which are transmitted to us are „picked-up“ by a third party during the processing/transmission.


The NOCK Maschinenbau GmbH is not liable for damages, especially not for direct or indirect consequential damages, loss of data, miss of benefit, failure of systems or products, resulting from the use of this website or from the downloading of data. If damage is caused intentionally or by gross negligence when using the webpages or downloading form the webpages then the disclaimer of liability is not valid.The privity of contract between you and the NOCK Maschinenbau GmbH is subject to the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. In case of litigation arising between general merchants, resulting from the use of these webpages, the court of jurisdiction is Offenburg, the domicile of the NOCK Maschinenbau GmbH.

Explanations concerning privacy

As a rule, you can call all webpages of the NOCK Maschinenbau GmbH without giving any specification concerning your person. If in some cases necessary, your name, address or other personal data will be requested. Your personal data are used in order to assure and improve the service of the NOCK Maschinenbau GmbH towards you.

If you decide to leave to the NOCK Maschinenbau GmbH your personal data through the internet, so that e.g. correspondence can be executed or an inquiry be processed, then this data will be treated according to the strict regulations of the German Federal Law or Data Protection (BDSG).
When calling the webpages, the NOCK Maschinenbau GmbH may receive tracking data of users that are saved for file recovery reasons, such as IP address, date, time-of-day and visited pages. These data are analysed by the NOCK Maschinenbau GmbH in order to verify the user behaviour and set up statistics. The high safety standards of the Teledienstedatenschutzgesetz (TDDSGT) and the data security regulation for telecommunications enterprise (TDSV) will be respected. We will not undertake any personalized use of the collected data. We reserve the right of the statistical analysis of data records with anonymizated data. Further information about data security in the Federal Republic of Germany are available

Passing on of personal information to third party

If, while processing an order, data should be passed on to service providers, those are bound to the BDSG, to further laws and are also contractually bound to the privacy policy of the NOCK Maschinenbau GmbH.
As far as the NOCK Maschinenbau GmbH is obligated legally or by court order, it will disclose your data to the required extent to authorised institutions.
For any other purpose the NOCK Maschinenbau GmbH does not disclose your data to a third party without prior agreement.


The NOCK Maschinenbau GmbH stores your data on particularly protected servers in Germany. Access to it is only permitted to few authorised personel, who are in charge with the technical, commercial or editorial care of these servers.

Right to revocation

If you request the NOCK Maschinenbau GmbH not to use and/or not to delete your personal data for any further establishment of contact, then the NOCK Maschinenbau GmbH proceeds accordingly. Data that are necessary for an order processing or for commercial purposes, are not deleted.
Kindly understand, that in case of revocation the personalized service is no longer possible, as it is based on the use of customer data.

Use of cookies

Cookies are used to collect and store textual information during an on-line session. This information is stored on user’s hard disk in a special file in ASCII format (cookie.txt) The storing location where the cookie is stored in user’s disk is controlled by the user’s WWW browser. Cookies are information, which is sent back with the next on-line attendance to the server. They only can be read by those servers which beforehand also stored them.

The NOCK Maschinenbau GmbH only uses cookies when they are urgently necessary for functions or when they facilitate the navigation of the websites. The information is not disclosed to any third party, as cookies are only used for the above mentioned purposes. Most browsers are set that they automatically accept cookies. However, this function can be deactivated at any time in the browser. You can adjust your browser in such way that it informs you, as soon as cookies are transmitted.

Links to other websites

The webpages of the NOCK Maschinenbau GmbH may contain links to third parties’ websites. The NOCK Maschinenbau GmbH does not have influence on editorial contents of other webpages and/or whether third parties respect data protection regulations.


In general, the NOCK Maschinenbau GmbH webpages do not contain commercials or advertisements except for own products. In case of the contrary, the distribution of the advertisement is made by external AdServers. The data collected in connection with online advertisement (AdImpressions, AdKlicks) are exclusively used for statistical analysis and for the creation of reportings for advertising customers. No personal data is used.
With the distribution of advertisements, cookies may likewise be used without the influence of NOCK Maschinenbau GmbH.

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