Automatic conveyorized processing – manual processing with conveyorized derinding machines

Automatic conveyorized processing – manual processing with conveyorized derinding machines

Large, round products, for example ham, cannot be automatically processed with conveyorized derinding machines. These products can be processed with open top derinding machines, for example the NOCK Cortex C 460 - C 560 - C 420. Furthermore these products can be processed with NOCK conveyorized derinders which can also be operated with open top (manually).

For this purpose the models Cortex CB 430 - CB 496 are equipped with an ergonomic favourable foot switch bar, adjustable in height and with an infeed table. The adjustment of the machine from automatic to manual processing can take place in seconds without any tools:

Open the EASY-FLOW® safety cover - remove infeed conveyor, mount infeed table, remove pressure roller and place it in the provided notch in the safety cover - done.

The cutting speed of max. 24 m/min simplifies the processing on the open top machines.

Notice: According to EN 12355 flat pieces may only be derinded with automatic conveyorized derinding machines.

The models NOCK Cortex CB 503 - CB 504 - CB 604 - CB 704- CB 501 SERRANO are exclusively designed for automatic derinding with conveyors.

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