15 mm thick: NOCK POWER PLATE®

Solid. Sturdy. Durable. Approved since 1990 .

The construction of the NOCK derinding, membrane skinning and cutting machines as well as the fish and poultry skinning machines differ radically from the structure of machines of other manufacturers:

The mechanically highly strained machine components, such as drive, transport roller, blade holder, pressure roller etc. are mounted on solid, 15 mm thick base plates, the NOCK POWER PLATES®. These are found in the machine’s casing and consist of heavy duty, corrosion proof (saltwater proof) aluminium alloy, that is also e.g. used for motor construction.

In comparison to other brands where these elements are mounted directly onto the casing, this NOCK construction, which is approved since 1990, has enormous advantages:

Permanent precision

The NOCK POWER PLATES® have an absolutely even surface. The notches and drilled holes for bearings etc. are inserted with high precision by modern CNC machines. An ample material thickness is available for threading, e.g. to mount bearing rims. Welding that will cause unavoidable material distortion is not necessary.

Consequently the NOCK POWER PLATES® guarantee an excellent bearing alignment and precise positioning of the machine components. Thereby a permanent improved function of the machines.


No material fatigue

Stainless steel is an essential material for food processing machinery. However, stainless steel is a relatively “soft” metal and is prone to material fatigue when incorrectly applied.

The bearing carriers of the derinding, membrane skinning and food processing machines must stand the enormous strain with numerous load alterations.

Even casings with several millimeters thickness or double up casings cannot constantly bear this strain. Sooner or later material fatigue, deformation and crevices will appear on industrial highly strained machines.

The 15 mm thick NOCK POWER PLATES® are strangers to such an aftermath of long lasting heavy labour. They never tire. They never deform. They don’t get any crevices. This has been proven by thousands of NOCK built machines, in heavy industrial use, also in multi shift operation, since 1990.

A NOCK POWER PLATE® has never been required as a spare part!

Service friendliness

Service technicians appreciate the special service friendliness of the NOCK machines, due to the construction with the NOCK POWER PLATES®. All components are easily accessible once the side covers are opened. Due to the mounting of the machine components on the NOCK POWER PLATES® the changing of parts is much easier than with other constructions.

This of course reduces the service costs!

Hygienic and easy-to-clean machine surfaces

The mounting of the machine components on the NOCK POWER PLATES® has a further essential advantage: The stainless steel casing can be designed with large smooth surfaces. This makes the NOCK machines particularly hygienic and easy-to-clean.

NOCK circular blade cutting machine after removing the conveyor belts
NOCK circular blade cutting machine after removing the conveyor belts

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