Optionally for better yield

The NOCK ACTIVE SKIN GRIPPER® (ASG) is a bladeholder-technology which NOCK successfully applies in the fish skinning machines with years.

This technique being used on conveyorized derinding machines results in impressive benefits:

  • Perfect first cut and perfect derinding also with extremely thin derinding therefore less trimming
  • Considerable increase in yield and best quality of the rind
  • Longer operating life of the pressure wheels as less pressure is applied to the product (softer springs)
  • Relief of the blade's edge due to less contact to the rind
  • Therefore amortisation of the additional price within a short space of time!

How does the NOCK ACTIVE SKIN GRIPPER® (ASG) operate

The blade holder is opened a litte bit more before the product reaches the blade (1). This way the rind (skin) can be gripped very well (active grip) by the blade. Immediately after the leading edge of the rind has passed the blade's edge, the blade holder pneumatically closes as "quick as lightening" to the adjusted skinning thickness (2) + (3). After the product has passed through the blade gap opens again (4). The ASG remains switched off when rind (skin) is to be removed with more fat (thicker).

Which machines are available with the ACTIVE SKIN GRIPPER®

The ASG is available as an option for the following derinding machines: Cortex CB 503, CB 504, CB 604, CB 704, CB 501 SERRANO.

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